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Silver Clay Parties for kids. We've got them!

August 01, 2015

I just had the opportunity to work with a super fun girl scout troop. They wanted to have a metal clay party and make gifts for their troop leaders. They had been together as troop for several years and it was their last year together. The gifts had to be extra special and from the heart. It was A LOT of girls in a very short amount of time so we had to work fast!

Since I couldn't t just give silver clay to 13 girls and have them go at it what would I do? I devised a particular project for them. The project was a layered, textured, initial pendant. They designed their own by choosing their textures, shapes and font styles. Other than that I gave them no parameters. What really blew me away was the creativity of the group as a whole. They are all so totally different. I love how they really thought outside the box in terms of shapes and placements of the initials. It was really fun to see their faces when they came to pick them up!

It went so well that I finally devised our Silver Clay Jewelry Making Birthday Party Package for ages 10-14!

Thank you girl scout troop and everyone else who has ventured into our DIY Design Studio for Metal Clay! Your infectious creativity has inspired me to try new things and continue my mission to share Silver Metal Clay with others.

To find out more about Silver Metal Clay Classes, Private Parties and Open Studio join our Mailing List. You’ll be the 1st to know when we have new classes and other metal clay special events.

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