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Personalized vs. Custom Layout Service vs. Custom Design

May 01, 2018

There’s a whole lotta charm jewelry out there labeled Personalized or Custom. They run the gamut in price, quality and uniqueness of design. Our focus here at Heart and Stone is on quality and original design. Our charms are all our own designs that you can't get anywhere else.

Made from fine silver, sterling silver, gold or a combination of the two, we don’t skimp on metal. Our goal is to deliver a substantial charm, not a wafer thin disc. Something beautifully designed and handcrafted - that you'll want to wear everyday and maybe add  to over time. 

As you look through our site you’ll see the terms Personalized, Custom Layout Service and Custom Design. What do all these mean? 

Personalized refers to our standard charms with basic engraving. All of these charms can easily be ordered right on the website when you fill in the blanks. There really is nothing standard or basic about these. You still get to choose your charm shape and size and from there you can choose different layouts & fonts. There's always a place to leave us notes too. 
Custom Charm Layouts
Our Custom Layout Service is included with some of our signature designed charms. Specifically the Nonogram, Multinym, and Medallions. Cufflinks too. You’ll fill in the blanks on the website with your content and then we’ll create layouts for your approval before we start the engraving. Here's an example of layouts for one of our new Multinym Charms.  You tell us which number and we go to work.
Multinym Layouts
She liked it so much she got two! 

Multinym - Multi Name Charms

Custom Design - Finally there's the category of truly Custom Charm Design. I’ve made some crazy things over the years. A cheese sandwich? A Golden Goose? Here are few favs just to give you an idea of what we can do beyond what you you see on our website. 

Golden Goose Charm
Fine Silver Charm "Golden Goose" with 18K Gold Egg
silhoeutte bracelet
Triple Silhouette Bracelet
My Other Half Necklace

"My Other Half" Necklace Set -
We started with the phrase on one disc and then cut the center out to make two necklaces from one.
We set a 2mm sapphire into the back of each piece. 

Get in touch if you’re interested in getting a quote on a Custom Design or just have some questions you need answered before ordering. We’re here for you so give a call or shoot us an email.

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