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Thumbprint Jewelry - The Ultimate Keepsake - Part 2

January 05, 2019

Thumbprints took center stage this holiday season and together:

  • we made some beautiful pieces
  • came up with new designs
  • thought of more ways to gift these
  • and made at least a few Mom's cry 
I did not get a chance, in the craziness, to take photos of everything but did manage to get photos of most new designs and here are some of the favorites. To read about how the prints are made and how we got started check out the post Thumbprint Jewelry - The Ultimate Keepsake - Part 1. You can also check out All About Thumbprint Charms and Keychains for pricing and booking and info and our Thumbprint FAQ

This has to be my favorite. I love the new lotus petal shape but even more I love the idea of a print within a print. This is a baby print, inside Mom's print. Made for Grandma❤️ 

New Link Bracelet! Perfect for grandmas with lots of grandkids. These could be made with 3 to 9 prints. Plus, they have me thinking about link style pendants. Imagine 3 across or 3 down. Lots of potential...


2 prints together - Great for couples!

For the Mother of the Bride or Groom?

Plus Valentine’s Day is on the horizon! 

The Bar Necklace.

An on-trend style that accommodates multiple prints. 

The Statment Piece.

Dad, Mom & Son - the whole family. 

Since this was pretty large &we wanted to make sure

they hung nicely, we spaced them a bit on a custom chain.


Mixed Metal Necklaces in silver and bronze where by far the most popular item this season. 
And bronze keychains were a bit hit too! 

A huge thanks to the awesome local businesses that partnered with me to make it happen; Elsie Kaye Glassworks, Laurel Grove Shop, Southboro Wellness, Express Yourself Gifts & Baskets and the River’s Edge Art Alliance. I hope to revisit these great places and travel a little farther in 2019. 

If you have any photos of your thumbprint appointment or stories that you’re willing to share I would love to see and hear them. 

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