Q: How long will my order take? 

A: Each piece is made by hand and generally takes 2-3 weeks. We ship via USPS mail to anywhere in the US at a flat rate of $8.00 per order. For international orders see below. Prior to major holidays such as Mother's Day we all work extra hours so production times are much quicker but it is still recommended that you order as early as possible!

Q: Can you do rush orders? 
A: Usually we can, sometimes we can’t. It depends on what you want, whether we have all the components in stock and how soon you need it. We will try to accommodate rush orders but in the event we can’t get it there in time we can send a gift card that lets the recipient know that a the gift has been ordered for them and will be arriving shortly. 
While we can accommodate most rush orders, with less than a weeks lead time we ask that you be ready and willing to cover the actual shipping costs. Expedited Shipping can range from $12 to $40+ depending on the your location and how much lead time we have to get your order made and out our doors in Massachusetts. We will get it out as soon as we can and sometimes rush shipping charges are not necessary. If you need an order in a hurry please do one of the following:
1) Go ahead and put your order through, choose regular shipping and be sure to add a note letting us know the day to need it by and that you are ok with rush shipping. We will let you know if we can not get it to you in time. At that point we can cancel and refund your order or send a gift card to present in lieu of the actual piece. If rush shipping charges apply we will send you an invoice. Please check out promptly so we can get your item in that days mail. 
2) Copy and paste the contents of your cart into an email and send it to heartandstonejewelry at gmail.com. Please be sure to let us know the date you need it by! We will let you know if we can make it happen. If we can, please place your order as soon as possible and choose standard shipping. In the comments be sure to remind us again the date you need it by.

3) Call 508.841.5410 - please leave a message! 

Q: Can you make charms in Gold? 
A: Yes. All of our charms in be made in 14 or 18K yellow or rose gold. E-mail us. Please let us know which charms you would like in gold and which karat and we can get you a quote. 
Q: Are gift certificate or gift cards available? 
A: Yes, gift certificates are available in any amount. I also have a “gift card” for orders that can not arrive in time for a specific date. This card can be sent to either the gift giver or directly to the recipient. It let’s them know that a custom gift has been ordered for them and will be arriving shortly. Place your order and then use order comments, e-mail or call to receive your gift card. Please let me know how you would like the "from" field to read.
Q: Do you have any tips for creating a great charm necklace? 
A: Yes. First, do not hesitate to pick up the phone and call. Getting a great charm necklace is a cross between your personal taste, the content (names or initials, birth dates, birthstones, anniversaries, meaningful symbols, etc) and the balance of the charms - what we call "hang". It is hard to give specific advice without finding out a little bit more about your content and taste. Some combinations of shapes and sizes work better than others. The gallery is full of examples of our favorite combinations. Take a look, add a few charms to your cart and then shoot us an e-mail or give us a call. We will take a look and get back to you with any suggestions. For phone calls just keep in mind we are on the East Coast.

Q: How do I care for my jewelry? 
A: It is best to remove your jewelry before showering or swimming*. When you are not wearing your piece keep it the clear anti-tarnish bag it arrives in. Although fine silver doesn’t tarnish quickly sterling silver chains and ear wires will.

Most pieces have a patina which creates the black areas on your piece. To clean your piece only use dry polishing cloths meant for silver.  One cloth will be included with your order. You can purchase similar types of dry polishing cloths at any home store. If you use a dip or creme polish the patina will be removed.

*If you do, say… wear it to an over-chlorinated waterpark and splash around in it all weekend…Not to worry you can send it back and we can give it quick refinish and it will look like new again. Visit our repair page for details.

Q: Do you further customize pieces? I’d like a variation that I don’t see on your site. 
A: I love doing custom work. For the website I needed to create “product lines” so that items could easily be ordered. If you want something you don't see here just call or e-mail and I will be happy to work with you one-on-one to create your piece. Check out the Custom Design page for more information and ideas.

Q: Can you ship internationally? 
A: Yes, I can ship internationally to most countries. Please e-mail me with your full address to find out if shipping is available and for a shipping quote. Canadian orders are $33 and can be ordered directly via the website without a quote. All import tariffs are the buyers responsibillty.

Q: What makes your Organic Charms “Organic”? 
A: I get this question quite a bit. I mean “organic” in the fine arts sense of the word; shapes with a natural look and a flowing, curving appearance. I use the geometric shapes - rectangle, circle, and oval- as the basis for my charms but since they are handmade the outcome tends to be organic in nature.