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Thumbprint Jewelry - The Ultimate Keepsake Gift - Part 1

August 18, 2016

When we started making thumbprint jewelry we had no idea what it would turn into for us. Every year we participate in our towns Holiday Trolley that travels around bringing families to local businesses. You want to have a  great family friendly activity to entice riders to get off at your place of business and check it out. So in 2014 we came up with the idea to have the kids make bronze thumbprint charms (for free!). We thought it would be something fun for the kids to do and really had no idea that we were on to something pretty awesome. After our first trolley day, when we made 80 charms, we were starting to get the idea. 

Over the next few months we improved the process and the offerings to include Silver & Bronze charms and keychains in a variety of shapes and sizes with optional engraving.

This style of thumbprint jewelry is different than what you might see online made from a print on paper. We make ours in person ONLY so what you get is the actual thumbprint, and it’s impression, made with love by the person getting printed. Plus you have huge latitude over the shape and size of your charm. And yes, you can print any finger not just the thumb. 

They say you should never assume, right? Well we assumed that this would be something that parents would bring in young children in to do as gifts for Moms & Grandmoms and maybe keychains for Dads and Granddads. And we were right! But in addition, there were so many more people wanting thumbprint jewelry. We have grown children making them, moms & daughters making them for each other, dog tags for dad, moms making them for their grown children, grandparents making them as graduation gifts for their grandchildren and couples making them together or for each other. Check out this little video to see some of our recents favorites. There is even a dog nose print! 

And there is another really great reason to make to thumbprints but it's something most people don't like to talk about much. When my Dad was near the end of his life in 2013 I got his thumbprint. I didn’t put much thought into what if would look like as jewelry, I just grabbed a chunk of silver and pressed his thumb into it. It is the only tangible thing I have of his and it means the world to me. I can fit my thumb right in his and I do that often. So, I guess what I am trying to say here, is don’t wait until it’s too late to make these. Make them now, give them as gifts, someday they will be treasures to your loved ones. The ultimate memorial jewelry. 

How can you make these prints? 

1) Book an appointment to have your thumbprints done in Shrewsbury, MA. Generally takes about 30 minutes. 

2) Host a Thumbprint Party and I'll come to you. With perks for the hostess! Click here for more info

3) Events - I team up with local businesses and sometimes fairs for events. Visit our Events Page. Advanced booking required. I'll be posting my holiday schedule and my whereabouts on facebook and instagram

You can also check out All About Thumbprint Charms and Keychains for pricing and booking and info and our Thumbprint FAQ. Plus, Thumbprints - The Ultimate Keepsake Jewelry- Part 2

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