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Hi Julie! I received my necklace today (I was stalking the mailbox!) and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it - it truly makes my heart sing! I have been searching for months for a "mother's" necklace, and so many were just....well, a bit [Cookie Cutter]. THIS is perfect, it's exactly what I wanted and it hangs so beautifully - and the jingle of the charms - sigh - it's bliss! I just wanted to thank you for your beautiful work, it really is a necklace I will wear and treasure every day!

Now, I have to bring myself to put it back in the box until Christmas, per my husbands orders. lol

Have a great day! Jan


I received my necklace last week (K initial, heart mini tag, paw charm, and pink tourmaline) and wanted to let you know how much I love, love, love it! It's even better than I had pictured it - much more delicate and I love how the charms all hang so that different ones "take center stage" at different times but they always look so well matched and put together.

I don't know if you recall, but I had called you several months ago, before my daughter was born to get your advice on some design and chain choices. You were very helpful on the phone and had made a suggestion about the necklace extender when I was undecided on the length of the chain. Great advice! It surprised me how well the necklace looks at all different lengths, and the extender really gives me options on how I can wear it and change the look depending on the neckline of whatever outfit I have on. And thank you so much for accommodating me on the color of the stone - it's perfect!

I've only been wearing it a few days, but I've already had several compliments on the look of the necklace! The necklace totally fits my style and I can see myself wearing it all the time, whether I'm going more casual or formal.

But aside from how beautiful it looks, the best part is how personal it is. You had so many charm and customization options on your site, that I really feel like it was customized specifically for me. It has tremendous sentimental value already as each charm has a specific reference for me and reminds me of the people (and pet!) closest to me. It's definitely a piece I consider a keepsake and will be wearing often!

Thanks so much for your great designs and artistry! ~Sonia


Hi Julie, I just received my chain extender and briolette. I absolutely love it. I am not sure if you looked up my previous order [I did!], but the chain extender matches perfectly and I love the heart charm. Other than my wedding ring, this is my favorite piece of jewelry. It is just beautifully done and it's worth every penny!!! I just had to say thanks!

Until my next purchase, Ashlei


Hi Julie, Thank you so much for my necklace. My husband and I absolutely love it and have received so many compliments on it. It is exactly what I was looking for, very unique. Although it ONLY took me 15 months to find the right push present this was just perfect! Thanks for your amazing work.

Looking forward to adding new tags as my family continues to grow!!

All the best, Stephanie


I received my necklace last week and have been wearing it every day. I absolutely love it! My autistic grandson is so very dear to my heart and I feel like I'm keeping him close to me by wearing it even though he lives far away. It also serves as a nice way to talk about him and about autism when people notice the necklace and ask me about it.

I spent many hours and days looking online for a good piece of jewelry that I could wear to honor my grandson and I'm so glad to have found your site. I couldn't be happier--thank you for offering this very special necklace.

Sincerely, Pam


Dear Julie,

I saw your site mentioned on the Young House Love website. I ordered one of the men's necklaces for my husband's birthday in November. It was the leather strap with a tag having our sons initials and birthdates on the front and our initials and anniversary date on the back along with a small cross charm.

My husband LOVED it!!! The size was perfect and the style was a great mix of rugged and sophisticated. He is hard to buy for and generally if I can't think of something amazing I don't buy for him which he is fine with. For example, last year he received a photo canvas of he and our boys walking on the beach and of course that was a hit!

Our family is everything to him. Like many men, he sacrifices a lot personally to be a wonderful husband and dad. He now never leaves home without his necklace, wedding band, and the watch I gave him for our engagement.

Thank you for helping me make his birthday so special. I know he will treasure his gift for years to come.


Julie G