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Birthstone Chart

garnet birthstone Charm Pendant

January - Garnet

While traditionally the garnet birthstone has been represented by a deep red stone it comes in several beautiful colors.

We carry both the deep red and pinkish purple rhodolite stones.

Amethyst Birthstone Charms and Pendants

February - Amethyst

Generally a deep purple but available in
much lighter lavender shades as well.
Aquamarine Birthstone Charm and Pendants

March - Aquamarine

The beautiful watery blue aquamarine. Varies from almost clear to a medium blue.

White Topaz or Diamond Birthstone Charms and Pendants

April - Diamond

1.5 mm diamonds can be flush set into almost any charm. 

While the diamond is the one and only official birthstone for May we offer earth's "other clear gemstone" white topaz in our birthstone charms.

Emerald Birthstone Charms and Pendants

May - Emerald

Brilliant green emerald! Faceted stones are rare and very expensive in larger sizes over 4mm.

In natural emeralds you will generally see inclusions with your naked eye.

We may be a little biased by we think our emerald gemstone drops are some of the finest examples we have ever seen.

Pearl Birthstone Charms and Pendants

June - Pearl

We love the simplicity of the white pearl drop. It hangs so nicely when mixed with all the other colored gemstones.

We use lovely 6mm Akoya pearls.

Ruby Birthstone Charms and Pendants

July - Ruby

Rubies, one of the precious stones, are traditionally thought of as only bright red but the stone ranges in color to beautiful pinks. 

In larger size we offer a cabachon cut online.

If you would like a faceted stone in our flower or large birthstone charm please inquire for availability and pricing.

Peridot Birthstone Charms and Pendants

August - Peridot

Peridot's color is pretty consistent. It's a lovely shade of green reminiscent of early spring.
Sapphire Birthstone Charms and Pendants

September - Sapphire

Most traditionally know for it's deep dark blue in can vary in shade to medium cornflower blue and even light watery blue.

And if that wasn't enough it comes in an array of other colors; pink, orange, yellow and white.

Tourmaline Birthstone Charms and Pendants

October - Tourmaline

Tourmaline is such a treat. Most well known for it's pinks, greens and watermelons there are also some beautiful blues though those are hard to come by.
Citrine Birthstone Charms and Pendants

November - Citrine

Citrine ranges in color from a light to a deep honey color. It's neutral color really goes with everything.
Tanzanite Birthstone charms and pendants

December - Tanzanite

Tanzanite is a beautiful purplish blue is one of a few choices for December. It comes in a variety of shades from medium to very dark.
Blue Topaz Birthstone Charms and Pendants

December - Blue Topaz

One a few birthstone options for December, blue topaz ranges from a very light to very deep blue.

We generally use, our favorite very deep london blue.