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Host a Thumbprint Event in Your Business

Host a Thumbprint Event in your business. It's a great way to bring new and existing customers into your location.  

Here's how it works, the short version (I know, you're busy) 

Thumbprint keepsake jewelry in silver is a service offered by appointment. It's doesn't take much space. I just need a table and few chairs to do my thing. I make these in person with the actual thumbprint so you are getting both the print and the impression of the thumb or finger you're using. 

Customers need to book appointments ahead of time. I take care of all that with my online appointment system once we have a date and time established. 

Here's what you get: 

  • 10% of thumbprint sales (or prior agreed upon vendor fee)
  • Customers coming into your business twice, once to make the prints and once to pick up the finished jewelry. Both are great opportunities for additional sales!
  • Great Marketing Opportunity at no additional cost to you. Heart and Stone will be promoting the thumbprint events schedule heavily all season long via email, social media (boosted facebook events) and print posters for each business.

How does it work?:

  • I've tried to make this super easy for the host business so there's very little outlay of their time.
  • All the bookings and cancellations are managed by Heart & Stone. (via an app that coordinates with google calendar)
  • I ring all orders at the time of purchase and cover the credit card fees. At the end of the event, I write you a check.
  • To book just coordinate a date and a time frame (usually 10-4) with me and I’ll do the rest. You'll receive links to your live booking and facebook event page and a printable poster to display at your business leading up to the event. 
What do you need to do? 
  • Heavily promote the event to your customers via your usual channels. 
  • Depending on lead time it is suggested that you send at least 2-3 emails to your customer email list regarding this event. You are welcome to take images from our website or any social media pages to help you. 
  • Accept the invitation to co-host the Facebook Event.
    • Use the share and invite button to spread the word.
    • Share the event on local town and parents pages. 
  • For promotion on Instagram and Facebook I will be happy to supply a gift certificate towards thumbprints if you'd like to host a giveaway or contest. Please ask. 
  • Supply a 4" to 6" foot table and 2 chairs. If you don't have this please let me know in advance. 

    Heart & Stone will also actively market via email and social and during peak holidays will be boosting ads on social media. 

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    Feel free to share these links with your customers.