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Sitting Down “to Write”

October 18, 2012

Sitting down “to write” – That is such an odd concept to me. To allow the space to sit back and put all those crazy thoughts to paper or rather digital paper. How much time can you allow? What is the value of the words you write? It is crazy to think about this to me. It is weirder to think that what comes out I will post. Maybe.

Anyway, I am supposed to be blogging about going to the Emmy’s Event but I want to go back further and blog about so many things and I am not sure what the order or organization will be. Oh my! How will I proceed? Screw it, it’s a blog you can do whatever you want, right? Right!

So, inside the shop. The Shop is an amazing place. It’s not really a shop, like a store. It’s a working studio. We share the beautiful space with J Briggs & Co.

Jen, the J in J Briggs & Co, is my good friend. From the day we met through a mutual friend (shout out to you, Amy Iris, miss you!) it was kindred spirits, so to speak. She is a fine jewelry designer and gemologist. At the time we were both working out of our homes, dark kind of lonely basements I should add, and dreamed of a big open space where we could share resources, ideas and expenses.

In 2010 Jen found a really cool old warehouse, in a great location, 10 minutes from home. She turned it into this beautiful space. It’s nestled way back off the main street and surrounded by conservation land. It has a big garage door that we can open and on a beautiful day it is just awesome. Kids are welcome which comes in especially handy. Between us we have 5 dogs and sometimes they hang out at the shop too. Pandora is almost always playing. What more could we ask for?

This photo shows the space that Jen created. Pretty sweet digs, huh? Heart & Stone moved into the space in February of 2012. Our side of the shop is not quite this pretty but it’s really cool. More on that in a later post. -Julie

J Briggs and Co

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