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Another Inspiring Day with Metal Clay

May 02, 2014

I felt like a proud mama..but this time it was not my kids I was beaming over. It was the watching the new “DIY Design & Learning Studio for Metal Clay” I created in my new space come to life. Not just come to life, it was so much more than that –  it was buzzing with inspiration and creativity and all around good juju. I was grinning from ear to ear all day.


Senior Certified Art Clay Instructor Lisel Crowley teaches her Metal Clay: Hollow Forms Class in the DIY Design & Learning Studi at Heart and Stone.

Lis-el Crowley, who is a senior certified art clay instructor, one of handful in the area was back to teach an advanced Hollow Forms Class last Saturday. Once you have the basics of working with metal clay you can really begin to explore the amazing possibilities. We had a really talented group! A few had only worked with metal clay one time in our 101 class and others had a few more hours under their belts. The photos speak better than I can so here they are….





Freshly Fired Pieces ready to be tumbled


Just some of finished lentils from the days class. Amazing work! What a great class it was!

Though it not super obvious from the angle of the pictures these finished pieces are all large hollow lentil shaped pendants. They are convex on both sides and hollow in the center. Most just still need a bail. Hollow forms are a great way to make a statement piece with not a lot of silver! Hollow forms will be running again in the late Spring. Join our Mailing List  to be notified of all of our upcoming classes and events! To see our current schedule visit this page.

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