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Thumbprint FAQ

Q: Who can be printed? What about babies? 

A: These can be done with pretty much any age.

Very young babies don't often have strong print lines developed yet but they can still make the thumbprint impression which is adorable. Take a close look at the fingerprints. If you can see the lines then we should be able to capture what is there. We generally see prints developing around 18 months but everyone is different. 

Not everyone has perfectly formed and deep print ridges at any age.  Some people's prints are literally like a work of art and others are less obvious.

To say everyone's print is unique is an understatement. Some babies suck their thumbs. As people age and live their lives print lines and ridges can be worn away, wrinkles might appear, cuts and scars happen. But this is what makes them them, at that moment in time, and I like that. I look carefully at each of the fingers & thumbs in front of me, choose the best, discuss with you what I see and what might be the best design in advance. 

I've looked at what feels like a billion fingers & thumbs by now and because not everyone has strong prints I choose this in-person only process.  While it's very limited by geography, I do it because I can capture the not just the print, whatever is there, but more importantly the impression, with no loss from the double molding process necessary to recreate that. The pieces are made together, often by the whole family, by their own hand, and to me it is worth the trade-off. I will travel, so if you have a enough people send me email.

For those concerned about privacy there are no copies of any kind kept of your prints. Unless specially requested no digital prints are ever made. You are given the originals. 

Q: Can I put more than one print on a charm or keychain?

Yes, there is $10 per person fee for additional prints. Not all designs work well with multiple prints and it depends on the size of the piece and the size of the thumbs!

Q: Do all the people being printed need to be present at the same time? 

Yes. No. Maybe? Yes, if they are going to be printed together on one charm or keychain. No, if they will each have their own. 

Q: Someone I love is near end of life and I would like thumbprints. What should I do? 

While I can't travel too far, I can accommodate people within about an hours drive of Worcester on short notice. Please contact me if you'd like me to come to a hospital or hospice situation. 

Q: Do the charms tarnish? How do I clean my charms? 

Our Fine, Sterling Silver, or Bronze Charms can be easily cleaned with a dry polishing cloth. Please keep in mind Bronze is a base metal and therefore tends to tarnish (discolor) more quickly and will need to be cleaned more often. While most people can wear bronze with no problem some people react to base metals.

Q: Can I get charms in gold? 

We can make a charm in silver and cast it in solid gold - any carat or color. Email some idea of what you are thinking you'd like to make. Starting at about $350 per charm. 

Q: Can I do get this done from a mold? 

I don’t offer mold kits but if you already have your own mold we should be able to work from that. The quality of your mold will determine the quality of the print we get from it. The designs made from molds will vary depending on the mold. I like this mold that can be purchased online or locally at Michael's. Follow directions carefully and make several molds. Try a few different fingers. Once you have your molds please get in touch. 

Q: Can I do this from a print on a paper? 

Not at this time. There are companies online that can do this. The look of the finished piece will be very different from what we can create in person.