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Thumbprint FAQ

Q: Who can be printed? What about babies? 

A: These can be done with pretty much any age. Very young babies don't often have strong print lines developed yet but they can still make the thumbprint impression. Take a close look at the fingerprints. If you can see the lines then we should be able to capture what is there. We generally see prints developing around 18 months but everyone is different. 

Q: Can I put more than one print on a charm or keychain?

Yes, there is $3 per person fee for additional prints. Not all designs work well with multiple prints and it depends on the size of the piece and the size of the thumbs!

Q: Do all the people being printed need to be present at the same time? 

Yes and No. Yes if they are going to be printed together on one charm or keychain. No if, they are will each have their own. 

Q: Do the charms tarnish? How do I clean my charms? 

Our Fine, Sterling Silver, or Bronze Charms can be easily cleaned with a dry polishing cloth. Please keep in mind Bronze is a base metal and therefore tends to tarnish (discolor) more quickly and will need to be cleaned more often. While most people can wear bronze with no problem some people react to base metals.

Q: Can I get charms in gold? 

At this time we can offer 14K or 18K gold plate over sterling silver. Gold plate charms should be worn as a single charm or spaced along the chain so as not to rub together. 

Q: Can I do get this done from a mold? 

I don’t offer mold kits but if you already have your own mold we should be able to work from that. The quality of your mold will determine the quality of the print we get from it. 

Q: Can I do this from a print on a paper? 

Not at this time. There are companies online that can do this. The look of the finished piece will be very different from what we can create in person.