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Nov 23rd in Hudson at Serendipity 30 min Thumbprint Appointment

One-of-a-kind thumbprint keepsakes. Made in person only. Create Thumbprint Charms & Keychains in sterling silver in a variety of shapes, sizes and personalization options. The process takes just a few minutes and you’ll have a forever treasure. Silver charms start at $60.

Get all the info about our Thumbprints & Pricing here.

At Serendipity in Hudson at 63 Main Street. 

30 minutes is the average so if you have 1 or 2 people to print and you're going to make between 1 and 5 pieces than 30 minutes is right. If you have more people or would like to make several pieces you may want to book two time spots.

Book a 30 minute thumb (or fingerprint appointment) November 23rd at Serendipity in Hudson at 63 Main Street MA. Click on Nov 23rd on the calendar below to choose a time. (Hint: you may have to scroll the calendar to November)

Finished jewelry will be available for pick up in about 2- 3 weeks - in plenty of time for the Holidays!

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