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Amy's Story

Amy Carpenter Hearn was one of those rare amazing young ladies whose very presence brought life to a room. She brightened every place she went by simply smiling. When Amy flashed her beautiful smile (which she did often) her bright blue eyes sparkled and her face radiated pure joy. Her long blond hair would swing from side to side as she looked around a room to see everyone.
And when Amy laughed the sound was musical. Just being with her made others feel suddenly better. Amy was always content and happy with her life. She loved her family and her friends, but it was the young Marine with whom she had attended middle school and high school who held the only key to her heart. She was proud beyond measure to be his wife and to be a Marine wife. She was loyal and patriotic and always supportive whatever his call to duty. People who knew Amy and Caleb often said their love story was a movie.

Amy's life sounds like a dream life and it was......with one exception. When Amy was 6 weeks old she was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis, a genetic disorder that affects the lungs and pancreas and a disease for which there is no cure. Her parents were told she might live to be 15 years old. From the day of diagnosis forward Amy's parents made sure she had the best care available and with new treatments and medications Amy celebrated her 15th....16th.....18th...21st and 22nd birthdays. But she would not celebrate her 23rd birthday. Amy lost her final battle against cystic fibrosis as her body shut down from the constant strain cystic fibrosis places on it. Amy Hearn went from the arms of her husband to the arms of her Heavenly Father the morning of Easter Sunday, 2012.....45 days before her 23rd birthday.

Amy had cystic fibrosis but in no way did cystic fibrosis have Amy. Even though her time here was brief, she lived her life to the fullest and she touched those who knew her in the most positive of ways. Amy's battle with cystic fibrosis became more difficult and breathing was actually a focus in her life she decided to have that one simple word inked on the inside of her wrist as a reminder to every one of its importance. Cystic fibrosis takes your breath away and makes the victim fight for every breath. And, that one simple word has taken on a very special meaning to Amy's family and friends.