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Heart & Stone Blog

Heart & Stone Jewelry

Heart & Stone was founded by Julie Booras in 2007. The company reflects her creative spirit, artistic drive and desire to make a difference in people’s lives by creating unforgettable, meaningful jewelry that symbolizes the spirit of the wearer.

Heart & Stone strives to combine the best of inspired designs with handcrafted precious metals and beautiful natural stones to craft heirloom pieces that garner attention and make a statement about those who wear them. Heart & Stone custom charms can celebrate a new birth, memorialize a lost loved one, tell a story of family or friends, support a meaningful cause or simply be a beautiful inspiration. A Heart & Stone charm necklace can adapt to your changing style or life events, as charms can be worn long or short, added, removed, or just rearranged.

Heart & Stone is a company that cares -- about the environment and about people. Heart & Stone uses environmentally responsible production processes and donates to causes through the Giving Is Good collection. Heart & Stone is always open to creating new innovative personalized designs to meet your vision.

About Julie Booras

When Julie is creating her handmade jewelry, she is thinking about the people and their stories as much as she’s thinking about the details of the creation process for each piece. And through these personal stories, her build-able charm collection and Giving is Good collection were born. 

The spark for Heart & Stone ignited when Julie began to work with precious metals and natural gemstones. “I was hooked,” Julie said. “We have explored more creative techniques than we ever imagined were possible, and we love the challenge of pushing the boundaries of customized jewelry design. We have tools and we're not afraid to use them.” 

Julie brings her education in fine arts, type design, and photography to her jewelry making. She grew her entrepreneurial spirit from several years at a creative software and media company, Tom Snyder Productions. Julie learned the inner workings of how to build a great independent production company, with roles as producer, video editor, and even direct customer service. 

Outside of Heart & Stone, Julie’s other great passion is her family. In her own words: “One great husband, two great children, and three great dogs.”